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"Ryuichi Sakamoto: seeing sound, hearing time"
Text: “The World is a Sound Garden: Notes on RYUICHI SAKAMOTO and A Non-History of East Asian Modern Noise”
By Victor Wang

Exhibition Catalogue
Produced by M WOODS, Beijing and Kab Inc./Kab America Inc.,
Curated by Sachiko Namba, Victor Wang and Zhang Youdai.

This catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition "Ryuichi Sakamoto: seeing sound, hearing time" at M WOODS, Beijing (Hutong) from March 15th to August 8th 2021.
Managing editor: Deng Yingying
Authors: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Lin Han, Sachiko Namba, Victor Wang, Zhang Youdai, Shigeru Matsui
Catalogue Design: Studio NA.EO
Translation: Deng Yingying, Lavender Zhao, Amstutz Communications, Zhang Lu, Aiko Masubuchi, Qi Yuanlin
Photography: Tian Yu, XiaoNiu, Yang Dongxu, Zhao Yihan


Giorgio Morandi: Centrality, Language, and China
Written by Victor Wang
Published for the exhibition Giorgio Morandi: The Poetics of Stillness
M WOODS Museum 
English and Chinese
Link to text



Artforum Magazine
Black China
Bulletins from around the globe

Sept 2020


Art Review Magazine
Two Months That Failed to Change the World
Victor Wang on COVID-19 and bio-racism

April 2020 



Zhang Peili: Notes on Immersion and 30x30”
Text by Victor Wang, in “Micro Era: Media Art from China
” (2019)

Micro Era: Media Art from China
Artist(s): Fang Di, Cao Fei, Zhang Peili, Lu Yang
Author(s)Yang Beichen, Anna Catharina Gebbers, Pi Li, Victor Wang
Editor(s)Anna-Catharina Gebbers / Udo Kittelmann Yu Zhang
Publisher: Kerber Verlag


Oscar Murillo: the build-up of content and information
“Horizons in Flight Mode”
Text by Victor Wang

Published on the occasion of the artist’s exhibition of paintings and works on paper at David Zwirner, Hong Kong, in 2018, the build-up of content and information is accompanied by an essay by curator and writer Victor Wang, who attests to Murillo’s work as being guided by mobility. This publication is available in both English only and bilingual English/traditional Chinese editions.

David Zwirner Books
New Monograph
English and Chinese 


Author and Editor 

Performance Histories from East Asia 1960s–90s: An IAPA Reader’ 

A new publication edited by curator Victor Wang, which brings together a variety of essays, photographs and archival materials on the history of early performance art in East Asia.

The publication will include texts by scholars and historians from Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan, such as KuroDalaiJeeReiko Tomii, Yuko HasegawaJoan Kee, Yao Jui Chung and Victor Wang; and images by Hirata Minoru, Jiro Takamatsu, Murai Tokuji, Ma Liuming, Yingmei Duan, Kim Ku Lim, Jung Kangja, RongRong and Tehching Hsieh. An invaluable new research tool, the publication is available free at events and online. Designed by Liam Johnstone

Designed by Liam Johnstone
Published by David Roberts Art Foundation 

Text:  “Modernity Without Museums: East Asia’s Expanded Sense of Public Space”, by Victor Wang 


Art World Magazine  艺术世界
April 2018 Issue 328
“One World, One Smiley Face - Exhibition "Michael Dean: Laughter"
 "同一个世界,同一张笑脸——展览“迈克尔· 迪恩:笑之类比”
pg 131 - 138


Exhibition Booklet
Institute of Asian Performance Art: Tokyo
TOKAS Project Vol.1

Curated by Victor Wang
Tokyo Arts and Space  トーキョーアーツアンドスペース本郷
2018.10.13 - 2018.11.11


Exhibition Booklet
Michael Dean: Analogue LOL
迈克尔·迪恩: 笑之类比
Curated by Victor Wang
ShanghART Gallery
24 March – 13 May 2018


Exhibition Booklet
Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun: Time Immemorial (You’re Just Mad Because We Got Here First)
Curated by Victor Wang
The High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom
30 November - 17 February, 2018


September 2017 Issue
Review: Mitsutoshi Hanaga
NADiff Gallery


Exhibition Booklet
Rehearsals from the Korean Avant-Garde Performance Archive
Korean Cultural Centre UK
June 27 - 19 Aug


Guest Editor

LEAP 艺术界 Magazine - Art Basel Hong Kong Special Issue
'Galleries Without Borders', (2017).

Cover by: Trevor Yeung, ‘Live in Hong Kong, Born in Dongguan’, 2015

Contributions and interviews by: Ying Kwok // Ruth Noack // Sunjung Kim // Margarita González Lorente // GCC// Ko Sin Tung // Nikita Yingqian Cai // Christina Li // Ward Shelley // Jo-ey Tang (special feature) // Chen Yin-Ju x Huang He (commission) // Adeline Ooi // Bao Yifeng // Lin Han // Nadine Zeidler // Edouard and Lorraine Malingue // Vanessa Carlos // Zhou Tiehai // Jacob Dreyer // CHOW Chun Fai // José Ángel Toirac // Evelyn Taocheng Wang


Artforum China
密室 (Secret Chamber)
上午艺术空间 | AM ART SPACE


Exhibition Booklet
Neïl Beloufa: Soft(a)ware 尼尔•贝卢法软·见
Curator: Victor Wang 王宗孚
chi K11 art museum, Shanghai
9 November – 8 December 2016


The Creation of Sanctioned Spaces and the Fall of the Cuban Wall: The 12th Bienal de la Habana
C Magazine, issue no. 128.


Is the Museum a Battlefield?
13th Istanbul Biennial, BlackFlash Magazine.


Zhang Enli, Space Painting
Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Vol 13.



Performing Around Capitalism: Museum as a Place of Art Production
Performa Biennale Magazine (Essay).


Invited Contributor
‘Forgotten Poems’
For his contribution to the Arc Journal, Royal College of Art, Victor Wang curated a coupling of images by artist John Akomfrah and a previously unpublished poem by Amiri Baraka.
Arc Journal, Royal College of Art.

With contributions by: Brian Dillon, Ute Meta Bauer , Russel Mills, John Akomfrah, Alice Butler, Victor Wang, Jack Brindley, Amiri Baraka, Ruth Beale, Nicholas Johnson , Laure Prouvost



Marian Penner Bancroft: On the Structure of the Self
Interview for Canadian Art Magazine.


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