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The Institute of Melodic Healing

For the 2020 LIVE Programme, Frieze presented The Institute of Melodic Healing (IMH), an “institute of sound and performance” located at 9 Cork St, London, from 8–11 October, and broadcast online from 6–11 October 2020.

Curated by Victor Wang (王宗孚), the programme lasted for 111 hours, rethinking the parameters of live art during a time when distance, the body, and movement are regulated in post-Covid Britain. The IMH aimed to promote community and healing by thinking through sound and body, to emphasize that listening and feeling is as important as seeing, and to support artistic experimental development. Participating artists included Alvaro Barrington, Mandy El-Sayegh, Cécile B. Evans, Denzil Forrester, Anthea Hamilton, Haroon Mirza and Zadie Xa & Benito Mayor Vallejo.

In Pictures: The Institute of Melodic Healing (LIVE 2020)

Images of The Institute of Melodic Healing, Frieze LIVE, exhibition view, 2020. Courtesy the artists,Frieze Art Fair.
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